Wagner & Stern. Deep Toothbrush Sanitizer/UV-C Sterilizer. for Home and Travel, USB Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. 3D Design. Compatible with All Brush Heads. Automatic (Travel)

Sale price$29.95

  • ✅MOST ADVANCED UV-C STERILIZER: Houses the most advanced UV-C LED destroys the DNA structures at wavelength C-Band with a proven sterilization rate of up to 99.9%. Safe to use, programmed to stop automatically when the cover is open. EPA Est. No. 98259-CHN-1. EPA Product Registration No. 98259-DV-4
  • ✅LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: Advanced Lithium Battery allows for 28 sterilizing cycles on a single charge. USB rechargeable with a 3D product design.
  • ✅NO WIRES, EASY INSTALLATION: Wireless and designed to blend well around sink vanities.
  • ✅TOTAL COMPATIBILITY: All brush heads are compatible with the device. Easy Installation and use at home and on the go. Perfect travel sterilization tool. Can be used for adults and kids’ toothbrushes. Removable brush head holder for easy cleaning.
  • ✅WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE: This Wagner UV-C sterilizer comes with 1-year warranty. Recommended to sterilize brush heads once every 3 days. Automatic sterilization cycle is 6 minutes.

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